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I was trained as an acupuncturist in China through a 5-years-full-time program. I received my bachelor degree of acupuncturist. Parallel to these training, I also was trained to use many herbals to improve the outcome of acupuncture treatment. I was born in a family with strong medical background. Also I marry to my husband, whose family is specialized in treating various diseases by natural ingredients. There are at least 3 generations of practice been accumulated. The treatment focus on using natural ingredients to treatment weakness causing by cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy, weakness causing by chronic diseases, and decreased strength related to aging. My passion is to improve my patients life quality through symptom-control-treatments.


About Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine has very unique treatment philosophy. Rather treating patients disease like so-call western medicine, Chinese medicine more focuses on patients symptoms. Based on the eight diagnostic principles, which refers to heat vs. cold, exterior vs. interior, yin vs. yang, deficiency vs. excess, patients with different symptoms may receive similar treatments. For example, patient with residual weakness in one limb from old stroke may be treated through similar acupuncture points like patient having poor appetite. Likewise, patients with similar symptoms may be treated by completely different acupuncture points also. Patient having headache with red tongue and rapid pulse vs. patient having headache with white tongue and deep pulse will receive completely different treatment plan. Chinese medicine treatment philosophy focuses on finding the balance points between interior and exterior parts of the body as well as the body vs. surrounding environment. Through this process, physical health is restored.

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Acupuncture is an important component of Chinese medicine treatment method. There are about 365 acupuncture points throughout human body. More than 80% of these points spread along 12 courses, which run from trunk to hand, hand to head, head to foot or foot to trunk. These 12 courses represent lung, large intestine, heart, small intestine, triple burner, pericardium, stomach, spleen, kidney, bladder, liver and gall bladder. Majority of acupuncture treatment pick and choose points from these 12 courses, according to patients signs and symptoms. Complete understanding of each point may greatly improve acupuncture treatment outcome. Also there are interior and exterior relationships between the 12 courses. Properly using these interior-exterior relationships may double or triple treatment outcome as well.


Natural Ingredients

Natural ingredients, or herbs, have been used for treating various diseases by Chinese for thousands of years. After practicing and human body experimenting, many herb combinations, which is so called formulas, have come out. Single herb may treat couple symptoms. Within the formulas, each herb work together to greatly improve the outcome. Also, the side effects of each herb will be minimized. Therefore, with proper use of natural ingredients, along with acupuncture treatment, many diseases can be managed. Also, some side effects from chemical drugs can be minimized by the combination of acupuncture and natural ingredients.


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